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Super Mario Crossover  packs your entire favorite Nintendo characters plus personalities into one nice flash game. The globe and setting are associated with the original Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo yet as opposed to only playing because Mario or Luigi, a person can now choose among: Mario, Link (from Zelda), Bill (from Contra), Claire (from Castlevania), Samus (from Metroid), or Megaman (from... yes, Megaman). You avoid simply play the overall game the particular same way as in case you were Mario although. Whoever you pick, you receive their skills too therefore be prepared to become shooting your enemies straight down from a distance in case you pick Bill or Samus. The downside is that will you cannot hop on your own enemies heads or encounters to knock them away. After completing each phase (or dying), you may pick a new character in case you wish so within this way you may maximize each character.

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